Throughout the year, the Guild hosts challenges to spur creativity in the member's quilting journey. The ones listed are the current challenges. Past challenges can be seen here.

2023 Challenges

Mini-Quilt Challenge inspired by Chihuly Glass

July 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023


22 members participated in the Chihuly challenge, pictures of the submissions can be found here.

Participants are challenged to choose a Chihuly glass piece that inspires them and make a mini-quilt or small quilted item.

Quilts and items should be no larger than 18" x 18" and be in the Modern Aesthetic.

Submit completed quilt, inspirational picture and short artist statement by 9/30/23 to be entered to win a prize at the October 2023 meeting.  The short artist statement should be no more than 1-2 sentences and can be as simple as  "I liked the colors."

Remember to post your completed quilt on IG tag #stlmqg2023CC or email to

*photo of Quilt in Garden is used with permission of Gayle Larson

Traditional Made Modern: Log Cabin Block

March 2023-October 2023

Participants are challenged to make an item of their choosing that uses the traditional log cabin block in a modern way.

  Photo is of "Log Jam," a quilt by Linda Hungerford that hung at QuiltCon 2023

32 Members submitted entries and were presented at the
October 14, 2023 Meeting.

First Place Winner - Dottie Vaughn 

Second Place Winner - Angie Henderson

Third Place Winner - Mary Beth Oberlin

Honorable Mention - Gina Shelley, Patti Baymiller and Marie Hill

To see pictures of the submitted projects - Photo Gallery

2023 Round Robin Challenge

February 2023-November 2023

  Join in a "nest" for 4 or 5 other members ("robins") to create collaborative quilts.

Rules and Schedule Here

  Photo is an example taken from the Internet.

Challenge was completed at the November 2023 meeting. There were seven "nests" and 42 participants. - Link to Photo Gallery

UFO Challenge 2023

Finish those quilt projects hidden in your sewing room!!!

February 2023 - July 2023

There are many names for those unfinished quilt projects we all have stashed in our closets, under the bed or in drawers or bags…WIPs (works in progress), UFOs (unfinished objects), NFUFO (nearly finished UFOs), BBUFO (barely begun UFOs), PIPS (projects in process), WISPs (works in slow progress), WIVPs (works in very slow progress), PIGs (projects in grocery sacks). We started them because we liked them but for one reason or another we put them aside to finish at another time. Wouldn’t it be nice to see those quilt projects completed instead of hiding them away for a few more years? We have a challenge for you!!!  (From Herring Run Quilters’ Guild).  

Here are the rules. They’re very simple:

Finish as many Modern Quilty UFOs (for example; quilt tops, wall hangings, bags, jackets, pillows) as you can between February 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023.   Post your finished UFO on Instagram with the hashtag #stlmqgufo2023 and bring it to a meeting for Show & Share.  For every UFO you complete, your name will be entered into a drawing for a prize at the completion of this challenge.

UFOs need to be completed:  if it's a quilt/wall hanging - quilted and bound, if it's a jacket or bag - wearable in public and if if it's a pillow- it needs to be stuffed!

Three winners will be picked at the July meeting!

Click here for UFO TIPS AND TRICKS.docx

Winners of challenge were announced at the August 2023 meeting. The prizes were fabric bundles from Paintbrush Solids; Annamaria Lu, Nancy Dlugosz and Dottie Vaughn. Dottie also won a t-shirt for completing the most UFOs. Over 115 UFOs were completed.

Thanks to everyone that participated!

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