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2024 Quilt Show Categories and

Ribbon Winners

Attendees had the opportunity on Saturday to vote for their favorites in each quilt category.

Viewer’s Choice - Attendees voted for their favorite overall.

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Margaret Davis – Pattern Designer Veruschka Zarate

Applique and Handwork - Modern quilts that include either machine or hand layering of fabric where the quilt’s primary focus is applique or at least one element of handwork that is the focus of the quilt.

1st Place - Joy Map by Octavia Pitts using sea glass method by Allie McCathren.

2nd Place - Pipilacha by Cynthia Cook - Fly High, Dragonfly pattern by Allison Richter. Quilted by Annie Cook.

3rd Place - Lava Lamp Quilt by Gayle Larson – Lava Lamp quilt block by Molli Sparkles. Quilted by Trace Creek Quilting.

Art Quilts - An original free-form exploration of a concept or idea, adhering to the modern aesthetic, experimenting with textile manipulation, color, texture and/or a diversity of mixed media. Art quilts quite often push quilt world boundaries.

1st Place - Girl With a Pearl Earring by Margaret Davis, pattern Designer Veruschka Zarate.

2nd Place - “Nic” by Edy John.

3rd Place - Bo by Lauren Wilhelm.

Bee Quilts - Modern quilts made by three or more people.

1st Place - Lakeside by Cynthia Cook with the following contributors as part of the guild 2021 4 x 5 Bee – Annie Cook, Monica Sith, Nancy Williamson, Margie Murphy, Em Komiskey, Linda Kocher, Octavia Pitts, Jamie Norber, Kathy Bridges, Tess McMahon, Kathy Mattingly, Marie Hill, Lilo Whitener-Fey, Susan Hoernschemeyer, Carol Schmidt, and Jennifer Chan. Custom quilting by Annie Cook with stitch in the ditch added by Cynthia Cook.

2nd Place - Rainbow Bear Tracks by Jessica Schunke – STL Sew Bee It, pattern is Bear Tracks in The Quilter’s Field Guild to Color by Rachel Houser. Quilted by Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting.

3rd Place - Scrappy Exploding Triangles by Leila Gardunia – with help from fellow guild members. Pattern by Leila Gardunia. Quilted by Trace Creek Quilting.

Challenges - Modern quilts and quilted items created for our 2022-2023 guild challenges: 2022 Block of the Month Challenge; 2022 Swap Fabric Challenge; 2023 Log Cabin Challenge; 2023 Round Robin Challenge; 2023 AI Challenge and the 2023 Chihuly Challenge.

1st Place - Confusion Intertwined by Dottie Vaughn, 2023 Log Cabin Challenge.

2nd Place - Chihuly’s Walla Walla Onions by Lynda Mueller Drendel, 2023 Chihuly Challenge.

Tied 3rd Place- Chihuly by Melissa Seidel, Chihuly Challenge.

Tied 3rd Place - 2022 Block of the Month by Marie Hill, 2022 BOM Challenge. Quilted by Dotti Vaughn.

Improvisation – Modern quilts in which the majority of piecing was improvised (i.e., without the use of a defined pattern or templates).

1st Place - Charade Quilt by Gayle Larson, pattern Charade by Mitzie Schafer of Jittery Wings Quilt Co., Quilted by Trace Creek Quilting.

2nd Place - ROY by Cynthia Cook, made in the workshop Rainbow Remix by Rebecca Bryan.

3rd Place - Setting Challenge by Marianne Belcke, result of a workshop by Tia Curtis. Quilted by Annie Cook.

Maximalism – A more-is-more philosophy is embraced which includes a mix of colors, patterns, and textures that are densely utilized. The eclectic nature of the elements creates interesting and filled compositions with little to no open spaces.

1st Place - String of Diamonds by Patti Baymiller, online quilting bee, Bees Across America in 2022. Quilted by Katie’s Quilting, Ogden, UT.

2nd Place - Boho Heart by Dottie Vaughn, pattern by Andrea Bair.

3rd Place - Pandemic Pieces by Amanda Zarecki.

Minimalist Design – Modern quilts in which the design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplifications of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact.

1st Place - Happy Hour by Dottie Vaughn, pattern is Happy Hour by Amy Ellis.

2nd Place- Transparency by Cindi Templin, designed by Modern Quilt Studio. Quilted by Dottie Vaughn.

3rd Place - Crescent Radial by Amy Kerkemeyer, pattern by Audrey Esarey of Cotton and Bourbon Quilts.

Miscellaneous – Modern quilted clothing, bags, and other 3D items.

1st Place - Upcycled Quilt Jacket by Patti Baymiller, patterns (Outer) Katrina by GE Designs, (Lining) Slanted Half-Hex by Missouri Star and (Jacket) Butterick 6394.

2nd Place - Mystery Woman by Bella Gurevich, repurposed cotton jacket.

3rd Place - Succulent Pillow by Sarah Sandbothe.

Modern Traditionalism – Modern quilts in which an identifiable traditional block is redesigned by applying modern design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, color, scale, etc.

1st Place - Ombre Confetti Quilt by Gayle Larson, pattern is Deltille Quilt by Julie Burton of Running Stitch Quilts. Quilted by Trace Creek Quilting.

2nd Place - Bright Angel Traveling by Kristina Olson.

3rd Place - Electric Pineapple by Emily Wall, pattern by Libs Elliott.

Piecing – Modern quilts that reflect a particularly strong or innovative use of piecing.

1st Place - HP by Laura Cox, pattern is Project of Doom at Fandom in Stitches. Quilted by Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting.

2nd Place - Embroidery Flower by Patti Baymiller, pattern Tilda Fabrics. Quilted by Annie Cook.

3rd Place - Tula Pink’s City Sampler by Carol Koboldt, pattern by Tula Pink. Quilted by Trace Creek Quilting.

Small Quilts – Modern quilts that measure 36 inches or smaller per side.

1st Place - 314 STL by Laura Cox

2nd Place - Pods by Annie Cook, result of a class with Maria Shell.

3rd Place - Blue-Ringed Octopus by Annamaria Lu, pattern is Quilt n Sew.

Traveling Quilts – Modern quilts made by three or more people in a “traveling quilt” style, in which one bee members makes a started block and then the quilt is passed around the other members, who each add on to the quilt before it returns to the owner.

1st Place - Making Do by Kristi Daum with further piecing by Jessica Schunke, Lilo Whitener-Fey, Gina Shelley Sarah Holst, Erin Chan. Quilted by Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting.

Use of Negative Space – Modern quilts in which the design incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space that is integrated into and/or organizes the composition of the quilt.

1st Place - Vibes by Octavia Pitts, pattern Aftershock by Wren Collective. Quilted by  Annie Cook.

2nd Place - Mike and Ike by Annie Cook, pattern modified from Skinny Insert Curves by PapperSaxten.

  3rd Place - Ghost Stars by Marianne Belcke, pattern is Sparkle Sunset by Bay Corbishley from Love Quilting 2022.

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