2022 Feb BOM - 24 inch Flying Geese Block

09/28/2022 1:54 PM | Gail Luther (Administrator)

Previously posted by Em Komiskey on stlmqg.blogspot.com

Welcome to Month Two of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild 2022 Block of the Month Sampler!

Remember to post your block to Instagram with the hashtag #stlmqgbom before the March meeting to be entered to win this month's prize. If you don't use Instagram, you may email a photo to the guild email. 

This month, we will be making the second of our two large 24-inch blocks. This block is constructed of four 12-inch sub-units, each made up of three different sizes of flying geese. Because we will need four of each size of "goose", this block lends itself well to using the 4-at-time, no waste method of constructing flying geese. You might put your block together as pictured above, but you can also consider a different arrangement when you put the sub-units together (i.e. geese pointing smallest to largest rather than largest to smallest as pictured), or you can consider a different arrangement of your sub-units in the final block. 

Let's get started!


Large Geese: 

Color 1: (1) 13 ¼" square

Background: (4) 7" squares

Medium Geese: 

Color 2: (1) 9 ¼" square

Background: (4) 5" squares

                      (8) 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles

Small Geese: 

Color 3: (1) 5 ¼" square

Background: (4) 3" squares

                      (8) 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles


These direction will apply for each set of four flying geese. 

1. Place two smaller squares in opposite corners of the larger square, right sides together. Draw a diagonal line, corner to corner, through both of the smaller squares. 

2. Using a *scant* ¼" seam allowance, sew on each side of the line you drew. (*note*: scant ¼" seam allowance means that you line up your drawn line with the ¼" mark on your machine but scooch it a couple of thread widths distance closer to the needle.)

Cut apart on the line. 

3. Press the small squares open (you will have a pointy heart shape). Line up your last two small squares on the bottom of each of the heart shapes, right sides together. As before, draw a diagonal line across the back of the small squares. 

4. Sew along each side of your drawn lines, again using a scant ¼" seam allowance. Cut apart on the line. 

5. Press open. TRIM large geese to 12½ x 6½, medium geese to 8½ x 4½ and small geese to 4½ x 2½ inches. Sew background rectangles (4½ x 2½) to each side of the small and medium flying geese. 

6. Put together a large, medium, and small goose to form one 12½" sub-unit of this block. 

7. Decide on the arrangement for your block and sew together sub-units to make a 24½" unfinished block. 


8. STLMQG MEMBERS: post your finished block to Instagram using the hashtag #stlmqgbom or email the guild to be entered for a monthly participation prize!

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