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Renewal Time is coming, Make sure you can log in

10/15/2023 10:01 AM | Gail Luther (Administrator)

For those of us that joined before this year, renewal time is coming. Our membership renewal date is Jan. 1, 2024. You will start receiving renewal emails on Nov. 2 which is is 60 days before renewal. You will receive another 30 days before renewal. You will receive another on January 1. There will be a 7 day grace period and then your membership status will be marked as lapsed. 

Just avoid all those annoying reminders and renew your membership when you get your first renewal email. You can safely pay online or if you wish, you can pay in person at a meeting or mail a check to Susan. The mailing address should be in your renewal email. 

For those of you that joined in 2023, your membership renewal day will be a year from your join date which you can check on your membership record in your profile. Reminders will be sent 60 and 30 days out from your renewal date.

FYI, Wild Apricot (our website host) will require you to change your password a year after you set your current password. This was a surprise to me but it's for our safety.

I was dismayed to hear at a recent after-meeting luncheon that some members have not logged into their online accounts. Please, make sure that you can log in. If you don't remember your original password, it's very easy to change it. You will need to log into the website either on a computer or through your phone's browser. If there is a way to change your password in the actual Wild Apricot app, I have not been able to find it.  Just go to sltmqg.org. hit the Log In button and then under the I'm Not a Robot box, there's a link for Forgot Password.

While a lot of stuff is available on the website without logging in, there is some stuff that is limited to Members and the renewal process is a part of that.

If you have any questions, email me at secretary@stlmqg.org or you can hit the Reply button up top and ask here.

Gail Luther

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