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10/16/2023 11:13 AM | Gail Luther (Administrator)

We received an email about a possible volunteer opportunity.

Hello friends,

I had the opportunity of visiting the ladies sewing class at the CFNA (Christian Friends of New Americans) Peace Center a couple of weeks ago. 

American ladies assist Afghan ladies (immigrants and refugees) with a weekly sewing project. This is also a social time for the women as they do not have many social opportunities. I was very impressed with the skills of the two ladies I assisted. They were very accurate with their sewing, being careful to backstitch and sew accurate seam allowances. They are paid a small amount for each project they complete. The projects are then sold at craft fairs, etc. and the money put back into the program.

It is meaningful to me that sewing is a common language among women, no matter our country of origin, etc.

There is a sisterhood in sewing isn’t there? I am very grateful to know so many lovely ladies in the St. Louis American Sewing Guild, St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, and the City Sewing Room. If appropriate, please share this message with your members.

There is much demand for sewing classes.  It would be amazing if a second sewing class could be set up on a different day to reach more of these Afghan ladies. Please reach out to Carol Buckman to discuss this possibility or to just volunteer on Wednesdays.

Since many of the ladies have young children there are volunteers to help with the children, so the mothers can sew. The ladies were very friendly – meeting your eyes with smiles and appreciation. 

The classes are held on Wednesdays  from 12:30 PM to 3:15 PM. 

More information on the Peace Center can be found here:


Carol Buckman is the head of the Sewing Outreach. Please call or text Carol at (314) 517-8513 for more information.

From the CFNA Newsletter:

Sewing Classes
Teachers are needed!  A little knowledge of sewing is helpful but we have gifted lead teachers. If you are interested, call Carol (314) 517-8513. Childcare helpers are also needed.  So many mothers have little ones at home and extra hands are needed.

Classes are Wed., @ 12:30 pm -  3:15 pm, Sept. 27 and Oct. 4, 11, 18, and 25.  You may not be able to attend but we covet your prayers for patience, kindness, and wisdom as we share Christ's love in Word and deed. 

Christian Friends of New Americans

4019 S. Grand Blvd.

Kind regards,

Sybil Fisher

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