Email from MQG

06/07/2024 8:01 AM | Gail Luther (Administrator)

You all should be getting email from MQG. If not, we need to figure out why. Here is an excerpt from their latest email on getting set up on the database which is different from our database but uses the same email address as userid.

With QuiltCon Registration right around the corner, now is a good time to double-check your member roster and check in with your members.

  • Are they getting their Modern Monday emails?
    • If they are not getting the Modern Monday emails, have them contact us so we can figure out why.
  • Are they able to log into their MQG membership?
    • In order to register for QuiltCon as a member, a member MUST be able to log in to their MQG membership. 

***Note that when members join your guild, and you add them to your MQG roster, they receive an email welcoming them to the MQG, letting them know that their username is their email address, and giving instructions on how to set up an initial password. It does not happen automatically! They MUST go to the MQG Login and select "Reset Password" to create their password.

In order to register for QuiltCon, they need to have the password for their MQG membership set up. Please ask your members to log into the MQG website prior to registration to verify that their username and password work. If they have any issues they can contact us at for help. 


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