Going to QuiltCon 2024?

02/09/2024 9:00 AM | Gail Luther (Administrator)

If you are going to QuiltCon 2024 and have not registered on the attendance event, please do. If you have a quilt in the show, please note it on the registration form. This event/form exists as a way to contact everyone going so that we can coordinate picture taking. There is also talk of getting together for dinner one night.

The goal is to feature photos of people and quilts at QuiltCon on the website.

If you have a vendor table at QC (I will admit, this did not occur to me), please note it on the form also, you can use the quilt field.  I will make it a point to come by and take a picture of your booth.

The form/event can be found here.

I am pondering how best to reach all of you at the show. The website will allow me to email everyone easily enough but I am wondering if a group text would be helpful.

We can also contact each other with the QuiltCon app if you all make sure to enter your contact information.

So far, I know of two quilts and one vendor table with 19 people going.



  • 02/09/2024 1:55 PM | Anonymous member
    I'm only going to be at QuiltCon on Thursday and Friday, plus I have family and friends in Raleigh. I'm going to figure out my visits with those people, and fit my QC attendance around them. Don't count on me for a group picture or dinner or whatever.
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